WordPress Websites

WordPress websites make up over 45.8% of the websites and blogs on the internet worldwide. In addition to developing state-of-the-art WordPress websites, we also customize and upgrade WordPress websites as per your specific requirements.

WordPress Security Audit

WordPress is the most popular website platform and over 30% of the websites all over the world are developed on this platform. However, this popularity also attracts many malicious users that carry out attacks on websites powered by WordPress to exploit the known WordPress vulnerabilities.

As part of our security audit service, we write custom scripts to ensure your WordPress websites is well prepared to withstand many of these known attacks that target WordPress websites specifically.

  • Full vulnerability scan
  • Security through obscurity
  • Protect from bots and spam
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Why Should You Use a WordPress Websites?

There's no denying it. Websites powered by WordPress rank higher than those powered by other platforms. Choosing a WordPress website design is obvious for many reasons like this. The job of Softwarehoop is to help you build a website that is highly search-engine friendly. You should use WordPress for SEO purposes if you want your business to succeed. You can boost site rankings with it without having to be an expert in SEO.

You'll rank higher and see more organic traffic when you hire us as your WordPress website design agency. Another advantage of choosing WordPress as your website is that your blog and other content will be notified to search engines whenever you update them. Utilize tools like RankMath and Yoast SEO with our WordPress web design agency to:

  • Make sure keywords are placed and used correctly
  • Ensure that the Google Search Console has sitemaps generated
  • Optimize your content for search engines
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An On-Demand Task

WordPress websites Maintenance

We offer ongoing maintenance for your WordPress website so whenever needed, you can rely on us to perform the maintenance tasks on your website. This service is ideal for people who are either not tech-savvy or too busy to spend number of hours (from their valuable time) fiddling with technical aspects of their website.


Tier 1 Maintenance

With this subscription based service, we will carry out maintenance on your website once every calendar month.

  • 1 maintenance request every month
  • Updates to any outdated plugins
  • Safe removal of redundant plugins
  • Email support

Tier 2 Maintenance

With this subscription based service, we will carry out maintenance on your website twice a calendar month.

  • Everything included in Tier 1 but two maintenance requests every month
  • Regular updates to theme files
  • Updates to system dependencies, such as PHP

Tier 3 Maintenance

This premium WordPress maintenance subscription allows you to call us three times a month to seek our expertise.

  • Periodic backups to ensure your website data is safe in case it needs to be restored
  • Updates to website content
  • Premium email support with a 4-hours response window

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